Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crusher is a steel cutting device with the construction of a special crusher, the host will not be blocked, recycled Aggregate granule type, three-stage crushing for a single segment of the broken, the same-file model in a more cost-effective, is the best construction waste crushing equipment. The main work part of the construction waste crusher is the movable jaw version and the fixed jaw version, the principle of the work is in the eccentric axis, the active jaw version of the fixed jaw to do periodic movement, close to the fixed jaw version, squeeze or split material, away from the fixed jaw plate, has been broken material fall down, complete the process of crushing.

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Construction Waste Crusher Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste disposal technology is China's leading technology

In the next few years, construction waste treatment technology is the key to China's admiration of the world, based on environmental protection, to seek the strength of private enterprises, must take into account the economic benefits, to find innovative technology strength of construction waste disposal equipment. And our construction rubbish crusher, it is such a good partner.

Zenith has been focusing on the research of construction waste treatment equipment since its establishment. Its success cases are numerous: for example, the construction waste recycling site in Shanxi, Sichuan Dujiangyan construction waste production line. The next few years of construction waste treatment technology is the key Chinese impressed the world, production companies can crush construction waste machine, has been running successfully, we demonstrate how to make the building construction waste pulverizer is garbage waste into treasure, recycling aggregate, and solve the problem of environmental pollution.

The value of reuse of urban construction waste

1.Economic Value

  • (1). Brick, stone, concrete and other waste materials after crushing, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion; waste concrete block material after pulverization can cooperate with standard sand as fine aggregate mortar mix for the wall surface plastering, roof screed, masonry mortar, floor brick making etc.
  • (2). The waste bricks are used for the aggregate of the building plates after being crushed. The partition board is not only light in light, but also in sound insulation and small expansion coefficient, which reduces the cost of sheet material easily and cheaply.
  • (3). The discarded concrete block can be used as the aggregate in the concrete cast-in-place or prefabricated component, which is used in the non load-bearing parts of the building. This not only saves construction funds, but also does not reduce the strength of the structures.

2.Environmental Protection Value

Environmental protection is the primary problem of modern industry and the development of modern countries. It is one of the most important goals for the development of environmental protection in the world to make the waste of urban building waste into treasure and reuse. At present, our country is in the period of rapid development of economic construction, and the waste discharge of construction site is very large.

According to the survey, China's construction of the construction waste every year up to million tons, most of them without any treatment, some piled up in the open air, some low-lying areas in the landfill, causing environmental pollution and waste of resources, comprehensive utilization of construction waste is reasonable use of these resources, obtains the certain economic efficiency. And improve the environment, beautify the city, largely to avoid the construction waste disposal, the release of harmful gases to city residents health hazards.

Construction waste crusher turn waste into treasure

What can construction waste be done? In the past, the way people treat construction waste is simply stacking and burying. It is only different from domestic waste. It is huge, difficult to transport, and has no concept of recycling of construction waste. However, with the soaring number of construction waste and the proposed circular economy, people have to re emphasize and define the construction waste, and vigorously promote the process of building garbage recycling.

As the earliest domestic construction waste crusher, we pioneered the development of mobile crusher to help solve the construction waste crisis. The mobile equipment is very suitable for urban operation with the advantages of flexibility, convenience, high efficiency and environmental protection, so as to realize the source treatment of construction waste, and process the construction waste into a variety of recycled aggregate. If you want to be engaged in the construction waste treatment industry, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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